Monday, July 28, 2008

A few notes

So I decide to check in on MySpace page to see what's shaking on that part of the internet and find out I have a message waiting in my inbox. Naturally, I assume it's some kind of phishing-type thing ostensibly from a young lady using a pic of her thong-covered ass as a user pic and naturally, I am correct. However, there's a little twist to this come-on that frankly bothered me:

Hello. Bring the tequila sexy!

My mother wants to date you. I love this site and showed it to my mom. I helped her browse for guys and she asked me to contact you after she read your ad. If you are looking for a good time with no hassles, I think you'll enjoy my mother. She loves to chill � she listens to movies on our new tv, but she also likes doing physical activities. She loves to bike around town. She's very attractive and can be mistaken as my sis. Don't worry though, we don..t wear the same clothes, here stuff is more sophisticated. Take my mom out on the town! Send your reply to her email address, please don..t reply to me. This is her address: marie_faber_c at yahoo.

Good luck!

Yes, apparently I'm too old for fake teenagers to express an interest in my hot bod and be believable. Now it's their "mothers" who have cultivated a romantic interest in me and judging from "she listens to movies on our new tv", it's the blind moms. For some reason, this just depressed the hell out of me today.

So to lighten the mood (and fullfill a request from a reader), may I present: YOU CAN"T BEAT FUN AT THE OLE BALL PARK:


Churlita said...

I swear to god my daughter didn't send you that.

I always get the ones from supposed 20 year old guys who want older women. Creeeee-peeee.

Your Humble Proprietor said...

Yeah, it sucks being the oldest person on the internet.

Just ask Todd.

Todd Totale said...

Snap! Or as we used to say back in the day: Eugepae!