Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fred Williamson: Kicker of Mens Asses

Fred enjoys some white pussy - YHP makes the most obvious joke in the world

Stop reading this and head over to The Onion's AV Club and read this month's "Random Roles" feature on Fred Williamson.


The Hammer on his small role on a Star Trek episode:
I was still playing football when they talked me into doing that. I was the mole man coming out of the wall, and the only reason I agreed to do that was because I got to kick Captain Kirk's ass. So I came out of the wall and jumped on Captain Kirk, kicked his ass, and dragged him away as a captive.

The Hammer on "blacksploitation" movies:

This is not an opportunity to kill white people and come out a hero. In my films, I was an equal-opportunity ass-kicker. I'd kick white people's ass, black people's ass, pink people's ass, blue people's ass. If you were bad, you got your ass kicked. So my films never really fit into that genre.
The Hammer on the other Hammer:

I think they called him "Hammerin' Hank." That's specific to baseball. They didn't call me "Hammerin' Hammer." It was The Hammer. Hank was baseball, and I was never a baseball fan. I don't watch sports that have incidental contact.